Saturday, November 14, 2009

NGC2070 Tarantula Nebula Southern Hemisphere

©2009 Richard Murray

Notes: The Tarantula is a giant emission nebula within our neighboring galaxy the Large Magellanic Cloud. It is so bright that if it were the same distance as the Orion Nebula it would cast shadows!

The image above is a stack of five 10 minute H-Alpha filtered exposures.

I also took red, green and blue exposures which I will process later.

Date(s): 11/12/09
Object(s): NGC 2070 Tarantula Nebula
Telescope: RCOS 16" - FL 3360mm @ f/8.4
Mount: Paramount ME
Camera: SBIG STL-1001E - NABG
Guiding: On Camera
Filters: Ha
Exposure(s): 5 x 600 sec Ha, Binning 2x2
Processing: CCDStack and Photoshop
Location: Moorook, South Australia