Friday, February 23, 2007

M51 Whirlpool Galaxy - First Light With Megrez 80mm APO

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©2006 Richard Murray

Techno Stuff: 2/23/07 ATK-16hr, Megrez 80mm APO at F/6 mounted on LX90 8" SCT, Red and IR filter, 2 x 480 secs, autoguided with LX90, no darks, Binning 1x1, Processed in Photoshop CS2, PixInsight

Notes:This is the first image taken with my new Megrez 80mm APO. After aligning the scope on top of the LX90 and a few mishaps, adjustments, balancing etc., etc.. I only had a short time left to image so only got two images. Next time out I should be able to get a lot more.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Current Equipment

©2006 Richard Murray

This is my latest equipment configuration. The 80mm refractor on top which I just received in the mail is a William Optics Megrez Super APO which I'll be using for widefield imaging and to autoguide with. My main imaging instrument is an ATK-16hr which is attached to the APO. And of course my trusty LX90 SCT sits below the refractor.

Despite the somewhat awkward appearance of this setup it actually is very stable in all the positions I'm likely to encounter during imaging.

Oh and the toy robots in the background were really enthused when I first started to set everything up but they seem to have lost interest now. :>)