Friday, February 23, 2007

M51 Whirlpool Galaxy - First Light With Megrez 80mm APO

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©2006 Richard Murray

Techno Stuff: 2/23/07 ATK-16hr, Megrez 80mm APO at F/6 mounted on LX90 8" SCT, Red and IR filter, 2 x 480 secs, autoguided with LX90, no darks, Binning 1x1, Processed in Photoshop CS2, PixInsight

Notes:This is the first image taken with my new Megrez 80mm APO. After aligning the scope on top of the LX90 and a few mishaps, adjustments, balancing etc., etc.. I only had a short time left to image so only got two images. Next time out I should be able to get a lot more.

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