Tuesday, August 29, 2006

IC5146 Cocoon Nebula LLRGB

©2006 Richard Murray

Techno Stuff: 8/20/06 LX90 8" SCT, ATK-16hr, Taurus Mini Tracker, HA Filter, Taurus .50 focal reducer for about F5, 2 x 360 secs autoguided and 4 x 360 manually guided, Darks and Flats applied, Binning 2x2, R,G each 3 x 180secs B 4 x 180secs (for 10 total) Binning 2x2 all RGBs manually guided, Darks applied, Processed in ImageViewca, Registax 3, Photoshop CS, PixInsight.

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Jonathan said...

What can I say? Awesome pictures. More!
Regards, Jonathan