Sunday, September 28, 2008

IC1805 Heart Nebula in Narrowband

Second version with less stars.

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©2008 Richard Murray
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©2008 Richard Murray

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©2008 Richard Murray
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Notes: This was an imaging run that took three nights to complete with 6 hours per filter and 30 minute subs for a total of 18 hours imaging. I've never imaged that long on one object before but I think the effort was worth it. I used the Hubble Palatte with SII as Red, Ha as Green and OIII as blue.

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Date(s): 9-21, 9-22 and 9-25-08
Object: IC1805 Heart Nebula in Cassiopeia
Telescope: Megrez 80mm APO, WO 0.8 FR/FF
Mount: LX90
Camera: Atik 16hr
Guiding: Lx90 8" SCT, DSI Pro, Phd Guiding
Filters: Ha, OIII, SII
Exposure: 18 Hours Ha 12x30 mins, OIII 12x30 mins, SII 12x30 mins, All Bin 1x1
Processing: CCDStack, Photoshop CS2
Location: Burke Ave. Observatory, Three Rivers, Michigan

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astrogalaxy said...

This is definetely one of your best shots!
Simply breathtaking!
Thanks for sharing.

Rick said...

Thanks Astrogalaxy.

I think the 18 hours of imaging paid off. I'm hooked on multiple night imaging now so I'll be out there a lot.


astrogalaxy said...

Hi Rick,

Multiple night imaging?
Does it mean going on different nights but taking the same object, then stack up the photos?

Rick said...

That's exactly what it means and the more images you take the better the overall result.