Monday, August 31, 2009

Next Imaging Target CED214 Emission Nebula

©2008 Richard Murray

Notes: This large emmision nebula in the constellation Cepheus (also known as the Calf Nebula) will be my next narrowband imaging target. I'll start the project as soon as the moon goes away around mid September. This one will be a minimum of 18 hours imaging with 6 hours for each narrowband filter (Ha, OIII, SII).

I think this one holds a lot of promise with a large amount of nebulosity and structure.

The image above is a single shot 240 second Ha exposure.

Date(s): 8-30-09
Object(s): Emission Nebula in Cepheus
Telescope: Megrez 66mm SD Doublet APO, WO 0.8 FR/FF
Mount: LX90
Camera: Atik 16hr
Guiding: Lx90 8" SCT, DSI Pro, Phd Guiding
Filters: Ha
Exposure: 240 sec Ha, Binning 2x2
Processing: CCDStack and Photoshop
Location: Burke Ave. Observatory, Three Rivers, Michigan

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