Tuesday, June 06, 2006

NGC6823 Open Cluster With Nebulosity

©2006 Richard Murray

©2006 Richard Murray

This is my first successful attempt at taking an image with a Hydrogen Alpha filter which helps to bring out nebulosity in objects.

The bottom image is an example of how creating a pseudo red image in Photoshop, bluring it, and then placing the HA filtered image on top of it as a luminance layer can bring out even more nebula details.

Techno Stuff: 6/6/06, LX90 8" SCT, ATK-2HS, Taurus Mini Tracker, HA Filter, Used 2 focal reducers in tandum - a Taurus .50 and a Mogg .60, Guided with Guidedog, Darks, 5fps, 9 frames at 300 secs each, 55% gain, Brightness 50%, Gamma 15%, Sat 50%, Processed in K3ccdTools, Registax 3, Photoshop, Loreal, PixInsight.

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Andrew said...

Your shots are just incredible!!.I also like the processing imfo that you provide.Thanks!.