Tuesday, September 11, 2007

M33 Pinwhell Galaxy

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©2007 Richard Murray

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Techno Stuff: 9/10/07 Camera: ATK-16hr, Imaging Scope: Megrez 80mm APO at F/6, mounted on LX90 8" SCT, IR 65 min total with 5 min subs, no binning, Red 25 min with 5 min subs, Blue 30 min with 6 min subs, Binning 2X2, Synthetic Green channel, Autoguided with Q-Guide and PHDGuide from LX90, No Darks, Processed with CCDStack, Photoshop CS2 and PixInsight

Notes: This is an LLRGB image using a synthetic green channel. It was taken under murky conditions with high altitude clouds forcing me to keep the exposure time down. The RGB color required a heavy saturation boost plus LLRGB layering in order to realize much color at all.


heavenabove said...

Very nice image. I am assuming Pinwheel is somewhere in the vicinity of Andromeda due to its number. I believe I will have to get my telescope out this weekend!

Rick said...


Yes the Pinwheel is just a few degrees south of the Andromeda Galaxy in the eastern sky.

Yes, get that telescope out and look up! You might also be interested in watching a special on PBS on Sept 19th at 8pm called 'Seeing In The Dark'. It's a documentary about amatuer astronomers.


Phil said...

Awesome images! What incredible detail. You really should be writing a tutorial on how you get such amazing shots.

Rick said...

Thank you Phil!

I did write a tutorial some time ago about grayscale image processing. Writing one about color processing and imaging techniques would be quite an undertaking. I think I need a year or more of additional experience before I tackle that one.

heavenabove said...

I certainly will watch the PBS show. I'm always interested in "lesson" type shows anyway.