Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Burke Avenue Observatory Amost Complete

Some pictures of the roof open and the inside.

©2007 Richard Murray

Notes: The roof stops rolling at the beginning edge of the warm room.


Anonymous said...

Incredible design! Did you make up these plans? Who'duh'thunk the roof could/would/should roll about! (Very impressed here, and love the orange flower accent.

Hurrah for you folks!

The sky is NOT the limit.


Rick said...

Hi Jen,

I wish Annie and I could take credit for building it but the observatory was actually built by an outfit called SkyShed. They prefab the building and assemble it on site. They did a wonderful job.

Jennifer said...

Hey, Rick, I came across this site and thought of you. Can you make sense of it? Is it a helpful thing?


Rick said...

Thanks for the info Jen. Parts of the program look like they might come in handy. :>))